As originally published on Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Satellite Video Production offers digital enhancement


Satellite Video Production offers digital enhancement

Ellen F. Berney of Satellite Video Production in Walkersville shows how digital video enhancement can restore or enhance a video.


A number of years ago a video producer was shooting an event at Stone Mansion.

He wanted to get a shot of the front of the building, but at the time a large truck was parked there. He brought the picture of the building to Ellen Berney of Satellite Video Production.

She used her computer to rebuild the front of the building, removing the truck from the photo. That was the start of her digital enhancement career and she has since acquired more high end graphic programs and developed her skills.

Although it used to be called air brushing for photos, today digital video enhancement is used in most big budget films.

Although she hasn't used her digital enhancement skills on major movies, Ms. Berney's work can be seen in a number of local industrial videos. Most recently, she "removed" a large stack of wood from a scene in a Ryan Homes training video.

Ms. Berney recently worked on a video of a client's building where the parking lot was being repaved and full of large trucks and machinery. She "repaved" the parking lot on her computer, removing the unwanted trucks and machinery.

She also can use her skills on photographs. She recently restored a family photo for a client when part of it was missing.

Another client had a photo that was in a glass frame, which had cracked, and the photo was stuck to the glass. Ms. Berney scanned the photo while still in the frame, digitally removed the line created by the crack and printed the image on a high quality photo printer. The client then had a photograph that looked as good as new.

For more information call 301-845-2737. The business is located at 8379 Inspiration Ave., Walkersville.

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