As originally published on Wednesday, August 1, 2001

Berney discusses video production
with members of chamber council


Berney discusses video production<br>with members of chamber council



Fred Berney, co-owner of Satellite Video Production in Walkersville, recently presented a program on "Everything you wanted to know about using video in your company, but didn't know where to ask" to the Chamber of Commerce of Frederick County's Small Business Council.

The program focused on the use of video to compliment marketing and human resource efforts. Mr. Berney, who has 45 years of professional production experience, talked about new technology such as DVDs and CD business cards to production tips. The program was attended by business owners, advertising professionals, writers, consultants and marketing professionals.

Mr. Berney advised using the best camera you can afford, remember that sound is an important component, including music, place the microphone near the subject, use close-ups to show detail, use proper lighting, use a tripod, turn off the date and time stamp, avoid panning and zooming too much, use testimonials for sales promotions, keep it short and simple and rely on a good editor to turn rough footage into a professional looking video.

Mr. Berney has worked for ABC, NBC, Metrotone News and United Press International Television News and a number of major film producers. He writes articles on film and video production for national publications and recently served as president for two years of the Frederick Home-Based Business Association and is currently vice president of the Entrepreneur Council of Frederick County. He also services on the chamber's Small Business Council board and is a member of Toastmasters.

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