Old-Time Radio Shows

Welcome to the Satellite Media Production Old-Time Radio pages! We have been in business for nearly 50 years, after having started as a small recording studio back in December of 1956. We hope that you will be pleased with our quality, as have thousands of happy customers.

We can provide your favorite OTR shows on cassettes (60 or 90 minute versions), or on Audio CDs. Click on the appropriate places on the right to see what we have, and order using our secure online ordering service.

Children could listen to the adventures of The Shadow and The Lone Ranger. Teenagers listened to such shows as A Date With Judy and Archie Andrews. And, the adults could listen to Jack Benny, Fred Allen, Amos and Andy, Lights Out, Nick Carter and Lux Radio Theater.

Those were the years when radio was king.

Now, through the magic of audio cassettes and CDs, all of these shows and many more will come alive again. Each and every program in our catalog was recorded to correct any speed problems, and improve the sound quality. We believe that this collection represents the finest quality of programs available anywhere.


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