The following cassettes are C-90s, with approximately 90 minutes of sound per cassette.
The same material can be purchased as a set of TWO audio CDs.

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CASSETTE W1001    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

GUNSMOKE Laughing Gas 3/9/58 Excellent

HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL Paladin takes a woman to jail 11/15/59 Excellent

GUNSMOKE Man hired to kill Matt 11/15/59 Excellent

THE LONE RANGER A little girl's horse is stolen 5/12/56 Good - some static

CASSETTE W1002    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

X MINUS ONE Hallucination Orbit 5/?/56 Good

SUSPENSE Country of the Blind 12/?/59 Excellent

THEATER X Frankenstein 5/11/56 Fair

TIME Five minute specials - 3 shows 5/12/56 Good

CASSETTE W1003    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

JACK BENNY SHOW Jack is in New York 3/9/58 Good

SEZ WHO Comedy panel show with Henry Morgan 3/9/58 Good

STAN FREEBERG SHOW 13th show 10/6/57 Good

CASSETTE W1004    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

X MINUS ONE The Moon is Green 1/12/57 Fair

X MINUS ONE Point of Departure 10/?/57 Excellent

X MINUS ONE Project Mastodon 11/?/56 Excellent

X MINUS ONE If You Was a Moklin 11/28/56 Fair

CASSETTE W1005    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

JACK BENNY SHOW Snows of Kilamanjaro 10/6/57 (missing opening) Good

JACK BENNY SHOW Jack gets medical exam for a $5 million insurance policy-1958 Good

JACK BENNY SHOW Xmas show from Long Beach Veterans Hospital 12/22/57 Good

CASSETTE W1006    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

A CHRISTMAS CAROL with Lionel Barrymore 12/?/57 Good

ROGERS OF THE GAZETTE with Will Rogers, Jr. 9/?/53 Good

JACK ARMSTRONG The Black Falcon 7/27/45 Very Good

JACK KIRKWOOD SHOW Jack and the Beanstalk 1/23/53 Good

STEVE ALLEN SHOW Who's on First with Abbott & Costello 10/7/56 Good

CASSETTE W1007    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE Gildersleeve plans to get married 10/11/56 Good

EDGAR BERGEN SHOW Radio Memories - 1 hr - 11/15/64 Excellent

CASSETTE W1008    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

EDGAR BERGEN SHOW 10th Anniversary - 1 hr. - 11/14/65 Excellent

JACK BENNY SHOW The Happy Time 12/1/57 Good

CASSETTE W1009    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     


JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH (part 7 last Chapter) 6/8/66 Good

THE F.B.I. IN PEACE AND WAR The Golden Caper 1957 Very Good

FORD ROUND-UP Music - 1957 Very Good

CBS NEWS Launching of Sputnik II and UFO sightings 1957 Very Good

CASSETTE W1010    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

INDICTMENT Murder at grocery store; police need to find proof 1957 Very Good

BERGEN AND MCCARTHY Golden Age of Radio 11/13/66 (missing first half) Excellent

BOB HOPE five minutes from Monitor 6/?/60 Excellent

NICHOLS AND MAY Mike Nichols and Elaine May from Monitor 6/?/60 Excellent

COUNTERSPY Car looting 5/11/56 Good

CASSETTE W1011    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

X MINUS ONE The Haunted Corpse Fair

X MINUS ONE Colony - ending is of poor quality Fair

X MINUS ONE The Castaways 11/?/56 Opening and closing is poor Fair

EXPLORING TOMORROW Speak No More 1958 Fair

CASSETTE W1012    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

X MINUS ONE At the Post 3/27/57 Good

X MINUS ONE Soldier Boy Good

X MINUS ONE Sam, This is You Good

CASSETTE W1013    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

X MINUS ONE Pictures Don't Lie Good

X MINUS ONE Real Gone 2/28/57 Good

X MINUS ONE Inside Story 6/20/57 Good

X MINUS ONE Skulking Permit 7/4/57 Good

CASSETTE W1014    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

X MINUS ONE The Native Problem 9/26/57 Good

X MINUS ONE Man's Best Friend 4/24/57 Good

X MINUS ONE Seventh Victim 3/6/57 Good

X MINUS ONE Protection 3/20/57 Excellent

CASSETTE W1015    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

X MINUS ONE Martian Sam 3/27/57 Good

X MINUS ONE The Discovery of Manual Mathaway 4/7/57 Good

MYSTERY TIME Death by Proxy 5/1/57 Excellent

SUSPENSE Rain Tonight 5/?/58 Fair

CASSETTE W1016    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

THEATER X Hushed Reality 5/21/58 Excellent

THEATER X The Hole in Cloud Number 7 11/11/59 Excellent

RECOLLECTIONS The Recollections of H. V. Kaltenborn 4/3/57 Good

CASSETTE W1017    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

RECOLLECTIONS Orchestra leaders; singers; Don McNeil's Breakfast Club 4/24/57 Good

RECOLLECTIONS (missing first five minutes) Charles Laughton; Wynn Murray; Harry Lauter 3/6/57 Good

RECOLLECTIONS (missing opening)FDR; Voice of Firestone; Showboat; Ed Wynn 3/20/57 Good

RECREATION The Re-Creation of July 4, 1776 (9 minutes) 7/4/62 Excellent

CASSETTE W1018    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

RECOLLECTIONS Irving Berlin's Music 4/7/57 Excellent

RECOLLECTIONS Sigmond Romberg; Jack Benny introduces Kenny Baker 3/27/57 Excellent

SEZ WHO Quiz show with Henry Morgan opening missing 1957 Good

BOB & RAY The Famous Person Sandwich 6/8/58 Excellent

BOB & RAY Closing to show 1/23/53 Good

MUSIC Music of the 1950's 1958 Excellent

CASSETTE W1019    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

TARZAN The Missing Element 4/25/53 Fair

TARZAN Jungle Orchids 1/23/53 Fair

TARZAN The Arena of Death 1/30/53 Fair

THIS IS THE STORY Similar to Paul Harvey's Rest of the Story 3/28/53 Good

CASSETTE W1020    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

TARZAN The End of the World 3/28/53 Good

TARZAN Jungle Smoke 4/4/53 Fair

TARZAN Evidence Destroyed 4/11/53 Fair

CASSETTE W1021    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

TARZAN The Omen of the Emerald 1/23/53 Good

TARZAN The Demon of Rangue 1/31/53 Good

SUSPENSE The Invisible Ape 6/8/58 Excellent

CASSETTE W1022    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

SUSPENSE Strange for a Killer 6/15/58 Excellent

SUSPENSE A Matter of Execution (missing 1st 2 or 3 minutes) Excellent

SUSPENSE The Voice of Company A Excellent

SUSPENSE Rub Down and Out (missing first 2 or 3 minutes) Good

CASSETTE W1023    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

THE F.B.I. IN PEACE AND WAR Knock on Wood 2/10/57 Excellent

MYSTERY TIME Police Blotter 5/11/56 (The first minute is missing) Good

I LOVE ADVENTURE The Great Airmail Robbery Good

I LOVE A MYSTERY Part 1 (complete serial on Tapes 37 & 38) Excellent

CASSETTE W1024    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

SEZ WHO Panel Show with Henry Morgan 8/2/57 Excellent

SEZ WHO Panel Show with Henry Morgan 12/?/57 Excellent
SEZ WHO Panel Show with Henry Morgan 1/?/57 Very Good

CASSETTE W1025    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

GUNSMOKE Man with a strange face arrives in town. 12/?/57 Good

GUNSMOKE The Widow Hallen Excellent

GUNSMOKE An attempt on the Senator's life. 1/26/58 Excellent

GUNSMOKE Jessie is accused of stealing Bragan's horses Excellent

CASSETTE W1026    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

GUNSMOKE Matt breaks his leg while bringing in a prisoner. 5/31/58 Good

THE LONE RANGER Civil War prisoners and fraud. 5/11/56 Excellent

THE LONE RANGER STORY Television soundtrack (One Hour) 2/1/58 Good

CASSETTE W1027    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

GENE AUTRY Gene Autry's Melody Ranch - Final show 5/13/56 Excellent

THEATER X Left Finger, Third Hand (science fiction) Fair

THEATER X Sixth Annual Awards for 1958 Good

CASSETTE W1028    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

MERCURY THEATER War of the Worlds with Orson Welles 10/30/38 Very Good

STUDIO ONE The Night America Trembled Edward R. Morrow narrates this account of what happened the night that War of the Worlds was broadcast. TV soundtrack Very Good

CASSETTE W1029    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

STAN FREEBERG Stan Freeberg Radio Show 7 (8/25/57) Excellent

STAN FREEBERG Stan Freeberg Radio Show 8 (9/1/57) Excellent

STAN FREEBERG Stan Freeberg Radio Show 10 (9/15/57) Excellent

CASSETTE W1030    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

JACK BENNY SHOW Jack and the Beanstalk dream 6/16/57 Good

JACK BENNY SHOW Xmas shopping; Jack buys dates from Mel Blanc 12/?/57 Excellent

JACK BENNY SHOW Jack shops for a TV set; visits vault 1/26/58 Excellent

CASSETTE W1031    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

JACK BENNY SHOW Trip to Las Vegas; Dennis tells elephant joke 6/8/58 Excellent

CBS COLOR RADIO with Ralph Bellamy (opening of show is missing) Excellent

I LOVE A MYSTERY Chapter 2 Excellent

CASSETTE W1032    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

BOB HOPE SHOW with Jack Kirkwood 12/22/57 Excellent

BOB HOPE SHOW with Bing Crosby and Jimmy Demerritt (missing 1st 3 min.) Excellent

GANGBUSTERS The Assault Against Alcatraz Excellent


CASSETTE W1033    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

GE STEREO THEATER The Pleasure of His Company - This was one of a series of stereo broadcast. Running time is 1 hour. Excellent

CASSETTE W1034    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

METROPOLITAN OPERA Verdi's Aida (Acts 1 & 2) 11/30/57 Good

CASSETTE W1035    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

METROPOLITAN OPERA Verdi's Aida (Acts 3 & 4) 11/30/57 (missing last 30 seconds) Good to Fair

CASSETTE W1036    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

THE LONE RANGER The Bells of the Mission of Santa Maria Excellent

THE LONE RANGER Men try to make a man believe an orphan is his nephew Excellent

I LOVE ADVENTURE The Kwan Moon Dagger Excellent

BOB AND RAY Excerpt from 1953 TV show about singing dogs. Excellent

CASSETTE W1037    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

I LOVE A MYSTERY The Thing that Cries in the Night (15 chapters) Part I Excellent

CASSETTE W1038    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

I LOVE A MYSTERY The Thing that Cries in the Night (balance of above) Part II Excellent

CASSETTE W1039    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

DIMENSION X Knock Story of the last man on earth - and the last woman Excellent
SUSPENSE The Last Kilometer 6/22/58 Poor
2000 PLUS Worlds Apart Good

CASSETTE W1040    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

THE RADIO GUILD The Man Who Was Tomorrow Good

X MINUS ONE A Gun For Dinosaur Excellent

SPACE STATION Program about Unidentified Flying Objects, NOT dramatic 6/13/59 Excellent

CASSETTE W1041    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

SUPERMAN Gold Nails and Red Paint 3/20/45 Good

SUPERMAN At the North Pole 2/20/45 Very Good

TOM MIX Secret Mission 5/8/45 Excellent

BUCK ROGERS The Mechanical Mole Fair

THE SHADOW The Night Marauders (first 6 minutes are missing) Good

CASSETTE W1042    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

THE SHADOW Voice of Death Good to Fair

THE SHADOW Ghost of Captain Balow Good

GREEN HORNET Circumstances Alter Cases Fair

CASSETTE W1043    $4.95     
AUDIO CD     $7.00     

S. F. 68 A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury Very Good

DIMENSION X Mars is Heaven by Ray Bradbury Excellent

X MINUS ONE Appointment in Tomorrow 11/7/56 Excellent