The following cassettes contain approximately 60 minutes of sound per cassette.
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CASSETTE W1044    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

LUX THEATER To Have and Have Not Good
with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall 10/14/46

CASSETTE W1045    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

LUX THEATER The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Good
with Edmond O'Brien and Walter Brennan 2/15/55

CASSETTE W1046    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

JACK BENNY SHOW with Al Jolson 5/18/47 Good

JACK BENNY SHOW with Gary Cooper 12/13/42 Very Good

CASSETTE W1047    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

FRED ALLEN SHOW with Jack Benny 5/26/46 Good

JACK BENNY SHOW with Ronald Coleman Good

CASSETTE W1048    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

THE LONE RANGER Memorial - A Tribute to Brace Beemer Good to Fair

CASSETTE W1049    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

GREEN HORNET A Matter of Evidence Very Good

GREEN HORNET A Soldier and His Dog Fair - static

CASSETTE W1050    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

SHERLOCK HOLMES The Missing Submarine Plans Good

SUSPENSE The Revenge of Captain Bligh with Charles Laughton 5/17/54 Good

CASSETTE W1051    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

SUSPENSE The Hitchhiker with Orson Welles 9/2/42 Good

ESCAPE Abominable Snowman Good

CASSETTE W1052    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

THE GOON SHOW Case of the Lone Banana with Peter Sellers Good

BABY SNOOKS Good News of 1940 Maxwell House Coffee Time - Sept. 1939 Good

CASSETTE W1053    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY McGee builds a telescope Good

OUR MISS BROOKS The Hurricane Good

CASSETTE W1054    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

GREEN HORNET The Stuffed Panda 5 minutes in the middle are missing Fair - static

SUSPENSE The Man Who Couldn't Lose with Gene Kelly Fair

CASSETTE W1055    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

CHARLIE MCCARTHY with Hopalong Cassidy Very Good

STAN FREEBERG Stan Freeberg Show 2 July 1957 Excellent

CASSETTE W1056    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

THE WHISTLER Three Wise Guys 12/24/50 Good

CHANDU THE MAGICIAN The Mummy (15 minutes) 1940 Good

TERRY AND THE PIRATES Out to catch German Spy in Calcutta (15 minutes) 1945 Fair

CASSETTE W1057    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

DICK TRACY The Case of the Empty Safe (15 minutes) 5/1/45 Good

CHARLIE CHAN (15 minutes) Good

THE LONE RANGER How He Found Silver (7 minutes) Good

INDIAN PRESIDENT Indian President of the USA (5 minutes) comedy skit Good

THE LONE RANGER Town of Fairplay Good

CASSETTE W1058    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

LUX RADIO THEATER Dragonwyck with Vincent Price and Gene Tierney 10/7/46 Very Good

NO SCHOOL TODAY Big Jon & Sparky Chapter 373 (10 minutes) Excellent

CASSETTE W1059    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

LUX RADIO THEATER Sunset Boulevard with William Holden & Gloria Swanson 9/17/51 Good

CASSETTE W1060    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

ESCAPE Three Skeleton Key 11/15/49 Excellent

ESCAPE Poison A story that takes place in India with Jack Webb Very Good

CASSETTE W1061    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

SUSPENSE August Heat with Ronald Coleman Good

QUIET PLEASE The Thing on the Fourble Board 9/18/48 Excellent

EDGAR ALLEN POE'S The Cask of Amontillado narrated by Peter Lorre 3/9/52 Excellent

CASSETTE W1062    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

SERGEANT PRESTON OF THE YUKON FROM A SPECIAL SERIES OF RECORDS - 1. Challenge of the Yukon Theme music 2. The Case That Made Preston A Sergeant 3. The Case of
the Orphan Dog 4. The Case of the Indian Rebellion 5. The Maple Leaf Forever music - 30 minutes Very Good

THE SHADOW The Bones of the Dragon Fair

CASSETTE W1063    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

X MINUS ONE Tunnel Under the World 9/4/56 Good to Fair

BERGEN & MCCARTHY with Abbott and Costello and W. C. Fields (Sept. 1941) Good

CASSETTE W1064    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

I LOVE A MYSTERY Bury Your Dead, Arizona (Part I) Very Good

CASSETTE W1065    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

I LOVE A MYSTERY Bury Your Dead, Arizona (Part II) Very Good

CASSETTE W1066    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

I LOVE A MYSTERY Bury Your Dead, Arizona (Part III) Very Good

SCREEN GUILD PLAYERS Champagne for Caesar with Ronald Coleman, Vincent Price and Art Linkletter (PART 1) Good

CASSETTE W1067    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

SCREEN GUILD PLAYERS Champagne for Caesar with Ronald Coleman, Vincent Price and Art Linkletter (PART 2) Good

LIFE OF RILEY Babs for Class President Good

CASSETTE W1068    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

NO SCHOOL TODAY with Big Jon and Sparky. Note: The following tapes contain the first 10 minutes of the program which had Sparky telling about the movie serial Captain Jupiter of the Universe Patrol. I have a total of 118 chapters starting with chapter 247 and ending with chapter 393. The quality of most of the programs is from Very Good to Excellent. Some are Fair. Please
write to me for more information about these shows. No School Today with Big Jon and Sparky. Chapter 247 (some background noise) 1/3/53 This first show is 1 hour in length and contains the following: Aladdin and His Lamp (record story) Song with Big Jon and Sparky Make Believe and all the gang Opening to 2nd half Song by Sparky Band March Music The Train with Big Jon
Remarks by Big Jon Song with Sparky Story Very Good

CASSETTE W1069    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

CAPTAIN JUPITER Chapter 248 (background voices) 1/10/53 Good

CAPTAIN JUPITER Chapter 249 January 17, 1953 Good

CAPTAIN JUPITER Chapter 250 January 24, 1953 Good

CAPTAIN JUPITER Chapter 251 January 31, 1953 Good

CAPTAIN JUPITER Chapter 252 February 7, 1953 Good

CAPTAIN JUPITER Chapter 253 February 14, 1953 Good

CASSETTE W1070    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

MR. & MRS. NORTH The Adventure of the Missing Sparkler - missing opening - story
complete Good

NICK CARTER The Case of the Reluctant Contributor Good

CASSETTE W1071    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

RICHARD DIAMOND Ice Pick Murder Good

COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO Yankee Clipper Very Good to Excellent

CASSETTE W1072    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

THE SHADOW Werewolf of Hamilton Mansion Good

THE SHADOW Tomb of Terror with Orson Welles Good

CASSETTE W1073    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

SUPERMAN Jimmy and Clark are abducted in a plane Good

SUPERMAN Within the Gates of Illyria 2/5/45 Good

SUPERMAN Hercamine is saved from hanging 2/6/45 Good

SUPERMAN Robin tells Superman why he needs help 3/2/45 Good

CASSETTE W1074    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

ARCH OBLER'S PLAYS Rocket from Manhattan Very Good

MYSTERY HOUSE The Thirsty Death Good

CASSETTE W1075    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

MERCURY THEATER Dracula with Orson Welles (1 hour) Good

CASSETTE W1076    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

OZZIE AND HARRIETT Ozzie tries to practice the golden rule Good

AMOS AND ANDY 25th Anniversary Show 1954 Very Good

CASSETTE W1077    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

GEORGE BURNS AND GRACIE ALLEN George goes to college Fair to Good

THE HARDY FAMILY The Family Tree or Andy is Royalty Good

CASSETTE W1078    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT The First Program 9/30/40 Good

CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT The Introduction of Ivan Shark 10/1/40 Very Good

GENE AUTRY Xmas at Melody Ranch 1955 Fair

CASSETTE W1079    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

BOBBY BENSON Three Monkeys 8/12/50 Very Good


CASSETTE W1080    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

DIMENSION X Marinets Inc. Good

DIMENSION X To the Future Good to Fair

CASSETTE W1081    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

DIMENSION X Dwellers in Silence 7/19/51 Good

DIMENSION X Dr. Grimshaw's Sanitorium Very Good

CASSETTE W1082    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

I LOVE A MYSTERY Pirate Loot of the Island of Skulls (one chapter) Good


MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN Return of the Cobra Good

CASSETTE W1083    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

SPACE PATROL Mystery of the Masked Martians Buzz Corey becomes Commander in Chief.
Cadet Happy joins Commander Cory. Very Good

LET'S PRETEND Rumpelstiltskin Very Good

CASSETTE W1084    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

AMOS AND ANDY The Psychology of Homemaking 3/16/45 Good

AMOS AND ANDY Last show of the series 11/25/60 (20 minutes) Very Good

RED SKELTON SHOW A selection with Junior (7 minutes) Very Good

CASSETTE W1085    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

RED SKELTON SHOW Red is Dead-Eye Good

CAN YOU TOP THIS 1942 show of jokes (some static) Good to Fair

CASSETTE W1086    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

DIMENSION X The Roads Must Roll Good

ESCAPE Leinegen Vs the Ants Good

CASSETTE 1087    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

INNER SANCTUM The Girl by the Road Good

INNER SANCTUM Elixir 4 with Richard Widmark Good

CASSETTE W1088     $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

X MINUS ONE Lifeboat Mutiny Very Good

DIMENSION X Outer Limits Very Good

CASSETTE W1089    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

X MINUS ONE A Pail of Air Excellent

SUSPENSE Zero Hour Very Good

CASSETTE W1090    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

WHATEVER BECAME OF SUPERMAN Interview with Bud Collyier Excellent

The next 4 stories were recorded from a record and are not radio programs.

SUPERMAN The Origin of Superman (7 minutes) Excellent

SUPERMAN The Punishment of Superboy (7 minutes) Excellent

SUPERMAN Superman as President (11 minutes) Excellent

BATMAN When Batman Became a Coward (16 minutes) Excellent
CASSETTE W1091    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

FLASH GORDON a chapter from the movie serial Good

STRAIGHT ARROW White Comanches Very Good

CASSETTE W1092    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

C.B.S. RADIO WORKSHOP Brave New World Part 1 Very Good

C.B.S. RADIO WORKSHOP Brave New World Part 2 Very Good

CASSETTE W1093    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

LUX RADIO THEATER Dark Victory with Spencer Tracy and Betty Davis (1 hour) Very

CASSETTE W1094    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

SUSPENSE The Marvelous Barostro with Orson Welles Good

SUSPENSE The Flesh Peddler Very Good

CASSETTE W1095    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

LIGHTS OUT The Dark (8 minutes) Very Good

THE UNEXPECTED Nightmare (22 minutes) Good

GRAND CENTRAL STATION Miracle For Christmas Very Good

CASSETTE W1096    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

I LOVE A MYSTERY Temple of Vampires Part 1 - Three episodes are missing because the original records no longer exist. Very Good

CASSETTE W1097    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

I LOVE A MYSTERY Temple of Vampires Part 2

CASSETTE W1098    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

I LOVE A MYSTERY Temple of Vampires Part 2 (total running time 2 1/2 hours) Very Good

LUM AND ABNER Christmas Show Good

CASSETTE W1099    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

GRAND CENTRAL STATION Miracle For Christmas Good

MARK TRAIL Andy: Sheep Killer? Excellent

CASSETTE W1100    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

BABY SNOOKS Maxwell House Coffee Time - Daddy is being sued and Snooks is his star witness. Good

ARCHIE ANDREWS Christmas Shopping Very Good

CASSETTE W1101    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

PHIL HARRIS Phil forgets it's Valentine's Day-Alice is receiving flowers Good

LIFE WITH LUIGI The Amateur Show Good

CASSETTE W1102    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

A DATE WITH JUDY The Radio Show Ooogie and his band are on the radio Good

BLONDIE The Sunday Drive The Bumsteads and the Dithers go for a drive in the country Very Good

CASSETTE W1103    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

JACK BENNY SHOW Jack needs a date for the preview showing of his film The Horn Blows at Midnight with Paulette Goddard, Jeanne Crain Claudette and Jinx Falkenberg Very Good

FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY McGee is waiting out in the rain to meet someone Excellent

EDGAR BERGEN & CHARLIE MCCARTHY The Steam Train (9 minutes) Excellent

CASSETTE W1104    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

GREEN HORNET Money Talks Too Loud Very Good

GREEN HORNET Hornet Drops a Hint Very Good

CASSETTE W1105    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

GREEN HORNET Parole for Revenge Very Good

GREEN HORNET Trouble Hits the Trollies Very Good

CASSETTE W1106    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

GREEN HORNET Cat with Nine Lives Good

GREEN HORNET The Last of Oliver Perry Good

CASSETTE W1107    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

GREEN HORNET Murder for Sale Good

GREEN HORNET Dr. Nyles Patient Good

CASSETTE W1108    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

GREEN HORNET A Pair of Nylons Very Good

GREEN HORNET The Boathouse Mystery Very Good

CASSETTE W1109    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER Murder in Jazz Time Good

RICHARD DIAMOND Singing Diamond Good

CASSETTE W1110    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

JUNGLE JIM 1936 broadcast (15 minutes) Fair

CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT Stolen Star (15 minutes) Good


CASSETTE W1111    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

SUSPENSE Donavan's Brain with Orson Welles (Part 1) Good

SUSPENSE Donavan's Brain with Orson Welles (Part 2) Good

CASSETTE W1112    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

SMILIN' ED AND HIS BUSTER BROWN GANG Robin hood and the black knight 11/1/47 Very Good

DEAN MARTIN & JERRY LEWIS Their first radio show 12/22/48 Good

CASSETTE W1113    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

FRED ALLEN SHOW with Frank Sinatra 10/21/45 Very Good

DUFFY'S TAVERN with Maxie Rosenbloom - Duffy hires a new waiter 11/9/45 Very Good

CASSETTE W1114    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

I LOVE A MYSTERY The Million Dollar Mystery or Richards Curse Part 1 Very Good

CASSETTE W1115    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

I LOVE A MYSTERY The Million Dollar Mystery or Richards Curse Part 2 Very Good

CASSETTE W1116    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

I LOVE A MYSTERY The Million Dollar Mystery or Richards Curse Part 3 PLEASE NOTE: The I Love a Mystery program listed above is a serial of about 15 chapters, each running 15 minutes. Total running time is about 2 1/2 hours. The first 9 or 10 chapters are on
cassette 1114 and the last 5 chapters are on cassette 1117. Very Good

CASSETTE W1117    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

I LOVE A MYSTERY The Million Dollar Mystery or Richards Curse Part 4 Very Good

X MINUS ONE Shanghaied 9/1/55 Very Good

CASSETTE W1118    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

EXPLORING TOMORROW The Secret that Cannot be Cracked Very Good

DIMENSION X The Merchant of Venus Excellent

VIC AND SADE Cleaning the Attic (15 minutes) Good

CASSETTE W1119    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

THE LONE RANGER (Girl dressed in black leads a gang of robbers) Very Good

THE LONE RANGER The Return of Butch Cavendish (The Lone Ranger tells Dan Reed the story of his origin when he learns that Cavendish has escaped from jail.) Very Good

THE LONE RANGER The Astronomers Very Good

CASSETTE W1120    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

THE LONE RANGER (Tom Layton tries to start a freight line and finds his brother's murderers.) Good

THE LONE RANGER (Jake Feeny tries to get his stolen cash hidden before he is arrested) Very Good

THE LONE RANGER (A traitor at the fort? Apaches attack Fort Newton) Very Good

CASSETTE W1121    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

ESCAPE The Time Machine Very Good

SUSPENSE The Earth is Made of Glass with Joseph Cotten Good

CASSETTE W1122    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

SUSPENSE Love's Lovely Counterfeit with Humphrey Bogart Good

SUSPENSE Backseat Driver with Fibber McGee and Molly Very Good

CASSETTE W1123    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

AMOS 'N' ANDY (Amos and Andy Discuss the word insufficient) 1928 15 minutes Good

AMOS 'N' ANDY Episode398 Two gangsters plot to put Amos in prison 7/3/29 15 minutes
Very Good

AMOS 'N' ANDY Episode 400 Same plot as above 7/5/29 15 minutes Very Good

JACK BENNY Jack and Mary drive back from San Francisco in the Maxwell. Later, at the studio, the cast is visited by a phantom and they talk about what they will be doing in 40 years.
1/16/38 Good

CASSETTE W1124    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

LUM 'N' ABNER Lum and Abner have been told to close the bank they opened. In this episode, they are putting away the few things used in their bank. 12 minutes Excellent

LUM 'N' ABNER Lum and Abner talk about opening a nursery. 12 minutes Excellent

FRED ALLEN'S - ALLEN'S ALLEY Subject: Child Prodigies (incomplete) 10 minutes Excellent

AMOS 'N' ANDY People are Humorous Andy gets on a quiz program and wins a week at an expensive hotel. The Kingfish tries to look for a rich woman to mary. Excellent

CASSETTE W1125    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

SHERLOCK HOLMES A Swindle in Bohemia Very Good

BRACE BEAMER MEMORIAL (This is not the same program as on CASSETTE46) This program was put together by another station and contains a selection of the Bing Crosby Program    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

when The Lone Ranger was a guest. Also contains a short version of the origin of The Lone Ranger. (about 20 minutes) Excellent

RADIO SHOW'S OPENINGS Openings of many well known programs. about 10 minutes Very Good

CASSETTE W1126    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

SUPERMAN Clark, Jimmy and Lois are held at gun point in a plane. 2/14/45 15 minutes. Very Good

SUPERMAN Superman saves Robin in a rowboat 3/1/45 Very Good

SUPERMAN Superman saves Jimmy and Beany from a car sinking in a river.3/21/45 15 minutes Good

VOICES OF YESTERDAY Theodore Roosevelt. Stories of famous persons. 15 minutes Excellent

CASSETTE W1127    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

LIFE OF RILEY Football Tickets Good

JUDY CANOVA SHOW Judy Goes on a Quiz Show Good

CASSETTE W1128    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

MY FRIEND IRMA Irma and Jane See a Ghost Good

OZZIE AND HARRIET Income Tax Deductions Very Good

CASSETTE W1129    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

THE SHADOW WITH ORSON WELLS The Tenor with a Broken Voice Very Good

THE SHADOW Guest of Death Good

CASSETTE W1130    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

THE SHADOW The Shadow Challenged Good

THE SHADOW Comic Strip Killer Good

CASSETTE W1131    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

X MINUS ONE Prime Difference 01/0258 no ending Good

X MINUS ONE A Wind is Rising Good

X MINUS ONE Jaywalker 4/16/56 Good

CASSETTE W1132    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

X MINUS ONE Chain of Command Very Good

X MINUS ONE Sense of Wonder Excellent

CASSETTE W1133    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

INNER SANCTUM Horror Out of the FOG A dead wife haunts her husband. Good

LIGHTS OUT The Word with William Shatner - All hosted by Arch Oboler While visiting the Empire State Building, two people discover that they are alone. Excellent

CASSETTE W1134    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

LIGHTS OUT The Day Sinatra Got Fat A couple start to gain weight for no apparent reason. Excellent

LIGHTS OUT Big Ben The setting is Africa. A tribal chief wants revenge for the death of his child by killing the son of the white doctor. Excellent

CASSETTE W1135    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

LIGHTS OUT The Immortal Gentlemen A man takes a strange trip to the future where people live forever. Excellent

LIGHTS OUT Come to the Bank with Me A woman claims that a man is trapped in the walls of a bank. Excellent

CASSETTE W1136    $2.98     
AUDIO CD     $5.00     

THE BLACK MUSEUM The Tan Shoes Host Orson Welles Excellent

LIGHTS OUT The Coffin in Studio B A group of actors in a radio studio act out a murder story with a weird ending. Fair to Good