Hootenanny A Go-Go DVD

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Square playboy, Jonathan Peabody, trades Madison Avenue for fun in the sun when he buys a Miami coffee house. He relentlessly pursues the beautiful Vicki Shaw, who sings at the coffee house. Jonathan falls in with her beatnik friends, whose taste tend toward tight clothing, bongos, horseback riding and caffeine. His quest to win Vicki's heart becomes surreal during a hallucinatory dream in which Jonathan imagines himself in a ballet as her pet dog - in need of punishment for bad behavior!

Hootenanny A Go-Go (originally released as Once Upon A Coffee House) features a comedic cameo from the indelible Eve Tellegen as Jonathan's distressed socialite mother. Direct Shepard Traube, who authored the screenplay for 1939's Hitler: Beast of Berlin (the first release from PRC), captures his amateur cast's innocent charm while allowing the camera time to soak up affectionate details from the era. Independently produced in the mid-1960's, Hootenanny A Go-Go's real purpose is to present uninterrupted musical and comedic performances by The Goldebriars, The Free Wheelers, Oscar Brand, and Jim, Jake and Joan (Rivers). The late Curt Boettcher of the Goldebriars went on to achieve success as a member of the '60s rock group Sagittarius and as the producer of "Along Comes Mary", a huge hit for The Association.


Curtis Taylor, Karen Thorsell, Oscar Brand, The Goldebriars; Jim, Jake and Joan (Rivers), The Freewheelers, Deanna Lund

Directed by Shepard Traube Produced by Frederic S. Berney & Warren L. Berney

Hootenanny A Go-Go DVD